(Between Broker and Licensee)

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All the tools you will need are included free of charge: IDX website, lead generation, marketing, CRM, transaction management, esignatures, and more.

The brokerage or company is MC Homes Realty

The broker and founder is Maggie P. Caceres 

Twenty years ago, I set out to transform the real estate industry. As a former real estate agent, I knew what it would take to create a brokerage that agents would want to stay with long-term. At MC Homes, we offer fair compensation with no 20%+ splits, endless opportunities for growth, and a positive work environment.

Our goal is to empower agents to manage their own businesses while providing them with top-notch technology that we’ve built in-house, comprehensive training, and instant support. In order to offer the best possible support, I personally got licensed as a Real Estate Broker, Association & Property Management (LCAM), and as a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO).

At MC Homes, we’re dedicated to providing our agents with everything they need to thrive in the real estate industry. If you’re looking for a brokerage that truly cares about your success, look no further than MC Homes. Join us today and experience the difference.

Commission plans as are follow:
Commission plan for residential properties for listing/selling/, $0 transaction fees, for referrals/lease $99, the E&O is $0 and $99 monthly fee.
Commission plan for beginners or non-experienced agents: for the first 5 transaction 25% coaching and 75% for the agent, after the 5th transaction you get switch to the 100% commission.
Commission plan for commercial properties for listing/selling/referrals/lease, pays 5% to the broker (minimum $350), E&O $150 and $99 monthly fee.
Commission plan for property management varies depending on the participation of the agent.

Which real estate associations are you a part of or do you belong to?

We are proud member of the following Associations: PRO, GTR, ORRA, RASM and Space coast association.

 Do I need to be a licensed real estate agent to join MC Homes Realty?
Yes, an active real estate license is required to join MC Homes Realty as an agent.

 What are the fees to join MC Homes Realty?
The fees or setup fee to join is $99 and is waived 

Is MC Homes Realty a good fit for new agents?
MC Homes offers a comprehensive learning and coaching platform for all its agents. Our self-training modules cover the fundamental knowledge required to build a successful real estate career. In addition, we provide one-on-one coaching and support to all our agents. Each new agent is paired with an experienced coach to guide them through the initial stages of their career. At MC Homes, we are committed to ensuring our agents have access to the best resources and support to help them succeed.

Individual agents, teams and independent brokerages of all sizes are joining MC Homes?
We welcome individual agents, teams and independent brokerages of all sizes.

 Who can I contact to learn more?
You can call now 727-564-7526 or schedule a confidential meeting.

 What Do you mean 100% + 40% Commissions? We’re thrilled to offer real estate agents like you the chance to acquire your Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) license and earn 40% of the commission on the mortgage loan side of the transaction. EASY! You’ll handle the application and document collection, while we do the heavy lifting and take the deal to close. We want to empower you to take control of your real estate transaction by not only managing the real estate side of things but also being involved in the mortgage side and being informed of what is happening with your loan. We understand that obtaining an MLO license can seem daunting, so we provide step-by-step assistance to help you through the process. To support your professional development, we’ll also reimburse you for your MLO licensing school fees ($275 for online -or- $349 for classroom classes) upon your first closing, and the classes only require 22 hours of your time, either online or in-person. Investing in your education and professional growth is essential to your success.

Many real estate agents have already seized this opportunity and experienced a significant boost in their profits. As a result, more and more professionals are joining our team, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Sponsor by Generation Mortgage Associates LLC –

Do you provide leads? At MC Homes, we understand that lead generation can be a challenging aspect of building your real estate business. That’s why we offer a range of partnership options to help you grow your client base efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a valued partner, we work with reputable lead sources such as OpCity and AgentPronto, and we only charge a commission of 25% to 35% when a deal closes. This way, you can focus on closing deals without worrying about high upfront costs.

In addition, we offer an optional lead generation service that provides high-quality leads at a lower cost of only $10 per lead. Our team is dedicated to delivering valuable leads that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences, helping you reach your business goals faster.

Partner with MC Homes today and take your real estate business to the next level with our trusted partnership options and customizable lead generation services.

Do you provide office space? Can I work from home? At our facility, we strive to provide you with the best possible workspace experience. We are happy to offer you the use of our high-performance PCs and conference room at no extra charge. These amenities are designed to help you conduct your business efficiently and comfortably.

However, we understand that modern businesses require flexibility and mobility. That’s why we have developed a cloud-based system that allows you to manage your business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection. This cutting-edge system provides you with seamless access to all of your important files, data, and software tools, all from the convenience of your laptop or mobile device.

So, whether you prefer to work in-house or remotely, we’ve got you covered. Our fully-equipped facility and innovative cloud system are here to support your business needs, no matter where your work takes you.

Is there any minimum sales volume I should commit to? We understand that each agent has their own individual aspirations and objectives. We recognize that some agents work with us on a full-time basis while others may only commit part-time due to other commitments, and some may hold a real estate license for completely different reasons. Regardless of

We pride ourselves on not imposing minimum quotas, allowing our agents to work at their own pace and achieve their goals on their terms. Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to ensure our agents thrive in their careers. At MC Homes, we prioritize a supportive and inclusive culture that allows all our agents to succeed.

How quickly will I get paid my commission? You will get paid at the closing table. Why wait to get paid? It is your money!

How can we afford to pay 100% commission? At our company, we prioritize keeping our overhead costs low while maintaining exceptional service to our agents. To achieve this, we have developed a specially designed, proprietary software system that enables our agents to work remotely from anywhere.

Our all-in-one online platform is where you will find everything you need for marketing, transaction management, training, and more. By consolidating all these services into a single location, we make it easy for you to access the tools and resources you need to excel in your career. 

We understand that real estate is a dynamic industry that requires flexibility and adaptability. That’s why we’ve invested in creating a software system that allows you to work efficiently and effectively, whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go. At our company, we’re committed to providing our agents with the resources and technology they need to succeed.

The best technology in-house developers and IT At MC Homes Realty, we’re committed to providing our agents with the most innovative tools and services to help them grow their business. We’ve built our proprietary platform in-house, which includes personal IDX websites, lead generation tools, content marketing resources, and transaction management capabilities.

Our platform empowers our agents with the autonomy to run their business their way, while also providing them with essential business metrics such as marketing production, transactions, commissions, and more. Plus, with our cloud-based technology, agents can access their account from anywhere at any time.

Why Join MC Homes Realty? Join our family of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the real estate industry while saving money. Pay $0 per transaction fee and only $99 monthly. We provide you with all the tools and training you need to succeed. Don’t miss out, join us today! 

to schedule a meeting follow this link or call 727-564-7526

 2.1 Continuing Professional Education. Licensee shall maintain your continuing professional education hours at your cost and expense for a valid mortgage broker’s license and any other license necessary or required for each jurisdiction in which you practice Real Estate.


3.1. Broker and licensee are independent contracting parties and this agreement does not constitute an employment agreement by either party and shall not be construed as a partnership and Broker shall not be liable for any obligation, injury, disability or liability incurred by the licensee.

3.6. The licensee is considered to be an Independent Contractor for tax purposes and will be responsible for all tax issues at the end of each calendar year. Broker does not withhold taxes or Social Security from Licensee’s compensation. Payment of taxes and Social Security contributions are Licensee’s responsibility. The licensee is considered an independent contractor and the company does not provide unemployment insurance.

  1. BUSINESS EXPENSES: Broker shall not be liable to licensee for any expenses incurred by the licensee or for any of its acts. The licensee agrees to provide and pay for all necessary professional licenses and dues. Licensee understands and agrees that Broker shall not pay for any office(s), place of business, supplies, advertisements, marketing materials, and that licensee is responsible for conducting business at its own costs if any. Broker shall not be liable to reimburse licensee for any expenses unless specifically agreed to in writing. The licensee shall furnish his own transportation and pay all transportation and travel expenses.  The licensee must carry automobile insurance as required by law and shall furnish satisfactory evidence of such insurance to Broker upon request.

4.1 Branch License. If any meeting is conducted in a retail or commercial location where the Licensee has any affiliation, a Branch License will be required.

4.2 Occupational License Fee. The Licensee real estate associates (sales associates) no longer have to apply for a business tax, due to the 2012 Florida Statute 205.067 which exempts them from paying the business tax.

4.3 Real Estate Associations. Within ten days of this agreement, Licensee agrees to become, and remain, a dues-paying member of the Board of REALTORS as well as the Multiple Listing Service and agrees to abide by all rules and by-laws pertaining to membership including, but not limited to, listings, lockboxes, etc. Licensee shall also be bound by the National Association of Realtor’s Code of Ethics. Licensee shall comply fully with the Florida Realtors “Agent Agreement” Licensee agrees to comply with section 15 of the Subscription Agreement as if Licensee was a Subscriber.

4.4 Fines. Licensee is solely responsible for any fines or a levy assessed by any MLS, Board, regulatory the agency, or other professional organization, as a result of Licensee’s noncompliance and expressly authorizes Broker to add such fines to Licensee’s expenses which may be deducted from commissions if not paid within five business days of said fines.

4.5 Service Fees. Any and all fees charged by any association of Realtors, MLS, or any other vendor or supplier through the Broker for or on behalf of Licensee, or his/her assistants shall be the Licensee’s sole responsibility and shall be paid by Licensee monthly or as such charges are received by Broker.


6.1. Compensation shall be charged to the parties who enter into a listing or other agreements for services requiring a real estate license. Licensee may use its own discretion regarding what commission fee to charge its clients for these services. In no event shall Broker be personally liable to licensee for licensee’s share of commissions not collected, nor shall licensee be entitled to any advance or payment from Broker upon future commissions, Licensee’s only remuneration being a licensee’s share of the commission paid by the party or parties for whom the service was performed. Nor shall licensee be personally liable to Broker for any commission not collected. Licensee shall be responsible for any previously earned sales commission reimbursement, rebate, or refund that may be ordered by a Court of Law or by a professional Arbitration or Mediation Panel, for any reason.

6.2. COMMISSION SCHEDULE / PROGRAMS: Dual agency (Any deal where the licensee has two sides of a transaction) is counted as two separate transactions with MC Homes Realty, Inc. collecting fees for two transactions based on the appropriate commission plan the licensee has chosen. You can switch to a different plan every 12 months; the new plan will apply to the new transactions only.

The transaction with Referral Fees: In the event, MC Homes Realty, Inc. provides the lead or client is obtained from our floor office, the commissions are subject to 65%/35% splits [65% for the agent and 35% for MC Homes Realty, Inc.]. These splits apply to all transactions and businesses the lead may produce. (% received by MC Homes Realty, Inc. is to keep investing in advertising and marketing).

APPLIES TO ALL LISTINGS a $350 MLS FEE must be charged to the buyer’s agent and be included in the CD. This MLS Fee will be divided equally between the Licensee and The Broker. 

A licensee may change commission plans once during the calendar year. Any commission plan a Licensee enters a closing with must close that transaction with the same commission plan as entered. At no time is a licensee with MC Homes Realty, Inc. to request, receive, ask or authorize any closing company to release a commission check on a transaction they may be involved in. All transaction files must be completed in the Online Back Office System and have been certified by the manager or broker before a licensee can be paid directly from closing. Signing commission instructions by a licensee or unauthorized release of a commission check to a licensee are grounds for immediate termination and legal actions.

6.3 COMMISSIONS: A Licensee of MC Homes Realty, Inc. can list a rental property on the MLS, market it, and show it to potential tenants. A Licensee of MC Homes Realty, Inc. must never accept a rental/lease payment or deposit. Any payments must go directly to the owner, property management or closing company. Also, a Licensee of MC Homes Realty, Inc. must never accept any type of compensation in regards to a rental or lease transaction. The compensation must be paid to the Licensee through MC Homes Realty, Inc. unless we have made prior arrangements. The transaction must be reported to MC Homes Realty, Inc. within 48 hours. Any commissions to be paid to a Licensee of MC Homes Realty, Inc. will be paid once all the appropriate documents are uploaded into the transaction coordinator for that transaction and certified by the broker or manager or other arrangements are made. Referral fees shall only be paid to the Broker of Florida state licensed salesperson/broker in accordance with a written agreement between salespersons/broker, approved by MC Homes Realty, Inc. broker prior to the close of any deals. All referral fees are to be paid out of the Licensee’s gross share of the referral fee. A social security number of the referring broker or EIN number is required, along with a signature of the referring broker, in order to process the referral fee.

What is Commercial real estate? If the real estate makes money, is rented out, used for investments, or falls into a number of other categories other than being a private residence, it is considered commercial real estate. It covers retail properties, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, and vacant land that has the potential for development. Even a single-family home can be labeled commercial real estate if you buy the home for the purpose of renting it out and generating an income, or if you own the home and convert it into an income-generating property. 

LIMITED SERVICE LISTINGS: If an upfront fee is charged, The broker takes 10% with a max of $250. If/when the property closes, E&O, 1/2 of MLS fee, broker fee, and Transaction Fee (based on selected plan) are due to Broker.


PAID AT CLOSING: We only send Disbursement Authorization to the title company for the Licensee to be paid at closing ONLY if a complete file was submitted to compliance and all documents are provided, completed, properly initial, and signed by all parties 72 hours before closing. Otherwise, we will write a check to the Licensee 72 hours after we received the check and all documents passed compliance.

6.4. COMMISSION PAYMENT DELAYS and HUD HOMES: If a particular escrow/closing company (and there may be a couple) doesn’t honor our commission disbursement agreement (CDA), (HUD WILL NOT), then you could potentially experience up to a 2-week delay in receiving your check, while we wait to receive the check from the escrow/closing company or HUD and for the funds to clear our bank. In the event this happens, The broker will write a check to Licensee once the funds clear our bank, and send via Standard US mail. Furthermore, regarding HUD home commissions, we reserve the right to charge an admin fee of up to $150 for each closed HUD transaction, in addition to any other fees.

  1. MONTHLY FEES: Licensee must provide a credit card for the recurring monthly fee. The fees are not refundable. A licensee that misses two monthly payments must pay six months in advance or will be subject to termination, any balance will be deducted from any commission checks.
  2. COMPENSATION UPON HIRE OR AFTER TERMINATION OR CASE OF DEATH: Upon termination of this agreement, payments under this section shall cease; provided, however, that so long as Licensee is not in default of any provision of this Agreement, the Licensee shall be entitled to payments for periods or partial periods that occurred prior to the date of termination and for which licensee has not yet been paid. Licensee authorizes Broker to deduct from any commissions due at termination of this Agreement or in case of death all financial obligations owed to Broker that are imposed by terms of this Agreement. Furthermore, in the event licensee leaves or in case of death and has transactions pending that require further work normally rendered by the licensee, the broker shall be compensated for completing the details of pending transactions and such compensation shall be deducted from the terminated share of the commission, a split of 50% to the broker applies. Any transaction(s) already in closing and brought over to MC Homes Realty, Inc.. upon hire, or released from MC Homes Realty, Inc. upon termination are subject to a 10% charge (never less than $300) of gross commissions earned by the licensee who is hiring on or terminating.

8.1 E&O + MLS Penalties. In the event, the Licensee has an open balance created by an E&O deductible, or MLS penalty this must be paid by Licensee before leaving the company. Otherwise, the Licensee will keep working with Broker until this is paid.

  1. DOCUMENTS AND FILES: All files and documents pertaining to listings, leads and transactions are the property of Broker and shall be delivered to Broker via our online Back Office System. All documents are due to be uploaded to our system no later than 24 hours after the client’s signatures.

10.1 The licensee shall maintain automobile insurance coverage for liability and property damage in the amounts of $100,000 / $300,000. Broker shall be indemnified and held harmless against any claims or demands resulting from any automobile accident of licensee or as a result of licensee’s default in this paragraph.

10.2 Errors and Omissions (E&O). Broker shall exercise its best efforts to maintain an active E&O policy which carrier shall be chosen at the broker’s sole discretion. The licensee is responsible for the payment of any and all deductible amounts for each E&O claim against the Licensee and Broker. Licensee understands it is responsible for payment of the deductible amount (currently $5,000.00 may vary at any time without notice) upon request, for each error and Omissions claim. In the event of a claim, lawsuit, or arbitration demand that is not wholly covered by said insurance Broker may withhold an amount sufficient to satisfy any amounts not covered from Licensee commissions until the matter is settled. Broker may apply such sums as are necessary to settle or satisfy such claims or awards at Broker’s sole discretion. The licensee agrees to pay and has withheld from Licensee’s commission payment, an E&O insurance premium according to the plan the Licensee selected. The E&O insurance premium amount is subject to change with 30 days’ notice. The licensee shall immediately notify Broker of any circumstances likely to give rise to any kind of claim or complaint against the Licensee and Broker.

EARNEST MONEY DEPOSITS: Licensee acknowledges and understands that Broker does not maintain a trust fund account and that any earnest money deposits shall never ever be touched by the licensee. The licensee should notify closing immediately to arrange for any earnest money deposits needing to be picked up or delivered and submitted on behalf of the client and then it should be reported to the broker.

Licensee shall not ever receive ANY funds from clients nor receive ANY cash payments from clients. All trust funds shall be handled in compliance with the Business and Professions Code, and other applicable laws.

  1. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAMES AND LOGOS: While affiliated with Broker, the licensee shall use Broker’s name “MC Homes Realty, Inc.” and distinctive logo on signage, stationery, websites, and any other marketing materials unless otherwise agreed to. The licensee agrees that Broker retains exclusive rights to the “MC Homes Realty, Inc. ” trademark logos and graphics. The licensee agrees to discontinue the use of any “MC Homes Realty, Inc. ” trademark logo and graphics immediately upon the termination of this Agreement.
  2. ADVERTISING AND SOLICITATIONS: All advertising done by the licensee must receive prior written approval of the Broker. NO TELEPHONE SOLICITATION IS ALLOWED by the licensee to people who have registered their telephone numbers on a national do-not-call registry. The broker is not liable or responsible for any advertising done by the licensee on its behalf, and Licensee agrees to hold Broker harmless of any costs, damages, legal or otherwise, specifically arising as a result of Licensee’s failure to comply with this. The licensee shall not engage in any advertising or telemarketing or develop an Internet presence unless such action is approved in writing by Broker.
  3. LIABILITY AND HOLD HARMLESS: In addition to all other legal or equitable remedies of Broker, licensee shall indemnify and hold Broker and its owner(s), managers, affiliates, shareholders, directors, officers, agents, employees, successors, and assigns harmless from and against and shall reimburse the same with respect to any and all losses, damages, demands, claims, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees (collective “Losses”), incurred by reason of or arising out of or in connection with any fraud or misrepresentation of licensee, including, but not limited to, licensee’s misrepresentation of its relationship with Broker to any third party or any action by licensee taken or omitted pursuant to this Agreement. Any such claims or costs payable pursuant to this Agreement are due to pay in full by the licensee, who hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Broker or manager for all such sums.
  4. INJURIES TO LICENSEE: Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Broker does not provide worker’s compensation insurance for the licensee as the licensee is an independent contractor. It is licensee’s obligation to obtain appropriate insurance coverage for the benefit of the licensee and its employees, if any, for any injuries. The licensee and its employees waive any rights to recovery from the Broker for any injuries that licensee and/or its employees may sustain while performing services under this Agreement.
  5. LICENSEE’S EMPLOYEES: Licensee’s employees, if any, who perform services for Broker under this Agreement shall also be bound by the provision of this Agreement. Licensee’s responsibilities include advising its employees of the terms of this Agreement and supervising their activities to ensure their compliance with all of its terms. At the request of the Broker, the licensee shall provide evidence that such persons are licensee’s employees and are bound by the provisions of this Agreement.
  6. WORKING PLACE: Broker does provide office space for the licensee to work in. The office workspace is to be used on a first-come basis.  The licensee may work from home, personal office, vehicle or any other places of licensee’s choice. However, the licensee is responsible for storing all transaction documents in our Online Back Office System between 24 hours after documents are signed by parties. The licensee must keep originals in a safe place with a lock and be able to present them at the Broker’s request within 24 hours. The licensee must be accessible by phone, fax, e-mail, and postal mail, and respond to voicemails within a maximum time frame of 24 hours.
  7. ACTIVITY REPORTING: The licensee is required to report all his/her real estate activities to the Broker within 48 hours of their occurrence. Real estate activities include listing agreements, newly opened escrows (accepted purchase agreements), earnest money deposits escrow or closing has handled, canceled and expired agreements, renewed agreements, referral fee agreements and any other business contract or arrangement involving a licensee and his/her client.
  8. INTERNAL MEDIATION: Disputes involving two or more licensees working with MC Homes Realty, Inc.; Licensee authorizes the Designated Broker for MC Homes Realty, Inc., sole and absolute discretion in resolving the said dispute and abides by the Broker decision. Licensee also agrees to hold harmless and indemnify MC Homes Realty, Inc. its Broker, and employees against any claim, action or lawsuit of any kind, and from any loss, judgment, or expense, including attorneys’ fees, arising from or relating in any way to the resolution of a dispute.
  9. GOOD STANDING: The Licensee certifies that he/she has notified Broker in writing of all prior and pending disciplinary actions, sanctions, lawsuits, and other claims made against the Licensee and/or Licensee’s Broker regarding licensee’s actions.

Broker reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement with 30 days’ notice. In the event of any modifications, Broker will notify Licensee via email.

  1. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written. This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between the parties. This Agreement may be modified or amended if the amendment is made in writing and is signed by both parties. If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.
  2. APPLICABLE LAW: This Agreement is entered into the state in which the licensee is licensed, and shall be governed by the laws of the Florida State. Any lawsuit filed which arises out of or relates to this agreement must be filed in the county of Pinellas, Florida State in which Broker is licensed.
  3. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: This Agreement may be terminated by either party, any time, with or without cause. Even after termination, this Agreement shall govern all disputes and claims between Broker and licensee connected with their relationship under this Agreement, including obligations and liabilities arising from existing and completed listings, transactions, and services.
  • Mediation: Mediation is recommended as a method of resolving disputes arising out of this Agreement between Broker and licensee.
  • Arbitration: All disputes or claims between the licensee and another licensee (s) associated with Broker or manager, or between licensee and Broker or manager, arising from or connected in any way with this Agreement, which cannot be adjusted between the parties involved shall be submitted to the Association of REALTORS® of which all such disputing parties are members for arbitration pursuant to the provisions of its Bylaws, as may be amended from time to time, which are incorporated as a part of this Agreement by reference. If the Bylaws of the Association does not cover arbitration of the dispute, or if the Association declines jurisdiction over the dispute, then the arbitration shall be pursuant to the rules of law in the state of Florida. The Federal Arbitration Act, Title 9, U.S. Code, Section 1, et seq., shall govern this Agreement. The broker will be compensated 20% of any arbitration award or court judgment, to compensate the company for the time, company legal expenses and costs accrued by such arbitration or court action.
    The broker will not be required to prosecute or sue any party in order to collect any fee for services performed by the Licensee. However, if Broker incurs attorney’s fees and costs in the collection of or attempts to collect a fee, such amounts will be deducted from the Licensee’s commission in the same proportion as provided for herein in the division of the fee.

26.1. MC Homes Realty, Inc. has an Office Policy and Procedure Manual which contains important information about the Company’s general office policies. The licensee is expected to read, understand, and adhere to MC Homes Realty, Inc. office policies. The Company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, change any policies, benefits, or practices in the manual, with or without prior notice.

26.2. The Office Policy and Procedure Manual contains the Broker’s Policy against Harassment. Licensee agrees to comply with all aspects of the policy against sexual harassment and other forms of harassment.

26.3. Licensee’s signature below certifies that he/she has read the MC Homes Realty, Inc. Office Policy and Procedure Manual and agrees to abide by its provisions during his/her association with MC Homes Realty, Inc. It supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, and representations concerning licensee’s association with this Company, MC Homes Realty, Inc.. The Licensee acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement for their records.